Is he into me or not?

This guy texts me and acts all flirty and compliments me, but then will go hours without responding. He is also really boring when he texts me so I can't tell if he's into me or not. He usually will start the conversation but won't reply for hours


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What Guys Said 1

  • Boring as to how exactly?

    • He only sends a sentence or two, and doesn't try to start the conversation.

    • It's either he's not that into you, or he's just an amateur when it comes to getting a girl's attention. I wouldn't hold it against him, but at the same time I wouldn't dwell on it much, either. Just let the guy be and if he really does like you, you'll notice the changes in how much attention he'll be giving you.

What Girls Said 1

  • He's more than likely just interested in the attention that you give him. He's not interested in you. Guys are pretty simple creatures. If they like you, it'll be obvious. You won't have to second guess it at all. He doesn't like you as more that an occassional number to text.