Could I date an old friend?

There's this guy I've known for like 4 years now. He's a little younger than me though - I'm 21, he's 19. We were pretty close for a year or two, then we both starting dating other people and got a little farther apart. He became really good friends with my brother too (also 19) so the three of us have hung out a LOT over the years. Now with college, we mostly hang out over summer and Christmas, but it's still really nice and comfortable. The three of us (and sometimes his sister) just talk for hours and stay up all night watching TV shows.

His parents adore me ha ha and always wanted us to date. Sometimes I thought I kinda liked him but didn't take that seriously, and one of us was usually dating someone else anyway. The thing is, even though I knew him first, he's one of my brother's best friends now, and so the "bros before hoes" thing might come into play. We get along pretty well but my brother's always there too so it might be weird with just us.

So, I don't know. I think we could be a really good couple, but it's nice being friends now. I always wondered if we'd end up together, and I think he's thought of that too. The other day (first time I'd seen him since Christmas), we were hanging out and sitting together on the couch. We had t-shirts on and somehow ended up sitting close together with our arms touching. This is actually odd because he has a pretty big personal space bubble. And then after that it seemed like the dynamic changed a little, and he was like making an effort to talk to me. We went downstairs to watch TV and I was going to sit somewhere else but he was like "You can sit here, unless you're allergic to me now or something". My brother fell asleep and we sat there watching TV and talking and laughing about the show.

Haha OK that was long, thanks for reading! So should I go for this, or wait to see if he says anything, or leave it because it might ruin the friendship? Do you think anything could happen here or am I making it up?


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  • If something goes wrong, it will definitely ruin the friendship. If you were older, say, 28, I would advise against it. But you're young enough to take this risk. So go for it!


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