Have you ever regretted not saying goodbye to a guy that you probably wouldn't see again?

Me and this girl had such a good time working together during the brief month we had. We even hung out once outside of work. We just never got around saying to saying bye at the end of that month. I didn't do it because I wanted to see how much she cared. She didn't do it. I haven't heard from her since then despite feeling like she would text me. Now I'm pretty sure she never will.

And why don't I text her? She has a boyfriend. So I'm sure she's not even thinking of me since he's occupying her thoughts.


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  • yeah, and it happened to me with like 3 guys. so it felt awful, I kind of wanted to talk to them on fb but it might be weird.

    • I don't even have Facebook.

      She did mention that she hoped we'd end up working at the same place in the future and she asked me twice whether I was on Facebook, though nothing the last few days. Didn't even show any sadness.

      Of course, none of that means anything seeing as she has a bf.

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    • no I wouldn't. It just sucks she never said bye.

    • well want to know my story? this exchange student was into me, we went with more friends to a night club. he brought a girl, so I met a friend of another exchange student (he only visited for a few days) and we made out. so the guy acted mean to mean and rolled his eyes whenever I talked in a reunion the next weekend. after that he spent half of the semester with the other girl. on the last day he comes and tries to talk, and avoids the girl, but diesnt say bye and now plans on returning. wtf

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