How to get him to not take me for granted?

For the past 2 days I've only texted my boyfriend to reply to his texts, but he still seems to not be putting in as much effort. If I were to not answer my phone for a whole day (without warning him before hand), do you think that he would "wake up," and be like on his game more?


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  • If he's not putting as much effort into the relationship, I think you'd get the best response by being up front and telling him how you feel. From that, he'll either make an effort or continue being the way that he is. Sadly, some guys don't change and if that happens you should probably just move onto someone who will make the effort. There's lots of single guys out there and you probably deserve better if that's the case. I think trying to test him will only just drive you crazy, my advice is to be honest and communicate. Hope that helps!

    • Thanks for answering :) Like when we're in person he's amazing, he still sends me like 2 cute texts during the day, I guess I'm just missing the "honeymoon phase" where he literally texted me non stop. I confronted him, saying " You seem distant, if something is bothering you let me know don't worry about hurting my feelings." He said "Nothings wrong babe I swear. If there is you'll be the first to know :) "

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