Are a couple truly dating if they like each other and go out on dates but haven't established a title?

I don't know whether or not I could call movie runs "dating" with a guy if we're more than friends


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  • idk has he asked you out? I mean if not then I'd say no... I mean when I ask a girl to date it's typically "hey will you go out with me"

    to which they respond "sure billy your so manly and cool I love you!"

    "and I'm like alright babe let's go to the beach"

    but what it sounds like your saying is "hey you wanna come to the movies with me tomorrow? sure!" that's like middles school level sh*t

  • i can understand your situation. me and my girlfriend been going out for last few years. we would watch movies or spend days going out in malls .i didn't took much time to realize we both enjoy each others company. it took some daring on my part asking her if she wanted to go on a date with me? we been on few dates since then. I confronted her with my feelings towords her and after few dates she said it was I would say knowing if they like each other and want to be in a relationship makes you a dating couple.


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