I found my soul mate, but I need dating advice... Any takers

I've been dating her for about a week now, but I've known her for almost 6 months, and in those 6 months she's come to me for everything that you can think of. Every relationship that she gets into is with the 'Player" type, and she was tired of them, and she knew that I wasn't that kind of guy so she asked me out and I said yes. Its been a blast, we have so much fun here in Job Corps.

My real question is this, We are pretty close, and I told her that our relationship isn't based on sex, But I want to initiate a hot makeout session that will make her see how passionate I am about her . Any tips XD.


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  • You have been dating a week and you think she's your soul mate - let me tell you how this is going to go down.

    You're going to idolise the crap out of her, try to be perfect, do everything for her... and as a result, she will realize she is dating a guy who never challenges her, never takes the lead, always wants to do whatever she wants to do, never fights with her, never puts his own needs first, never takes charge for fear of offending her...

    And she will dump you.

    Dude - she dated the player types because while they might have been scum, they were INTERESTING, they were EXCITING, they were CHALLENGING.

    The worst thing you can do is try to be one of those guys who treats her like a goddess. Okay? She's a girl. You be a man. Challenge her. Make her work for you. Be difficult from time to time. Take charge. Don't become a statistic (95% of guys f*** up their first relationship by doing what you're doing... soul mate indeed...)


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  • No no no no no. Stop with the soul mate crap. This will wreck your relationship as you will be looking at everything in the "rose tinted glasses" so to speak.

    Date her with no expectations and see if she turns in to your soulmate, not the other way around. You're asking for trouble!


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  • Not an exact tip, just a warning.

    Don't get it in your head too much that you're 'different' from those guys. She wouldn't have kept dating them if she didn't like some of what they brought to the table.

    Just be the best man you can be, without trying to be like or not like anyone else.

    • "Just be the best man you can be, without trying to be like or not like anyone else."

      That's the best dating advice there is.

  • Soul mate...

    Hahaha...oh that's good.