Told girl I best get an invite to her graduation hasn't replied back

Ok this girl knows I like her, and I told her whens your graduation, she said April :) well I sent a text saying Awesome! I best get an invite to that mug. Nothing back. Note I text out of no were and she replied back withing 4 secs. Then after saying that, got nothing

And she seems interested in me
Also within 2 minutes I sent another text saying for a girl you sure don't talk that much? :P flirting kinda does this come off as a douche?


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  • She probably got busy. so yes, your second text was douchy. But let me just add that I don't like when a guy I barely know try to order me around with a "you better do this, you better do that"

    • Well we are friends, but not close friends. (know here through friend)

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  • It seems she was busy.