Girls, if a girl clicks on my online dating profile, does she find me attractive?

I’ve found online dating to be pretty useless. So I don’t commit much time to it anymore. But since I did bother to make a profile, I haven’t shut it down, and I do access my profile occasionally to see who has visited my profile (OKCupid allows you to see)

The only things you see BEFORE you click on a person’s profile are their suitability to you calculated in percentages (not very useful) and their profile pic.

Girls, if a girl clicks on my online dating profile, does she find my profile photo attractive, or is she simply bored? Girls, would you click on a guy’s profile if you didn’t find him physically attractive? Assume for this question that I didn’t visit the girl’s profile before she visited mine.


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  • No.

    That's the online version of looking at someone.

    • Sorry should have made the question clearer. So you WOULD click on a guy's profile (for whatever reason) even if you didn't find him physically attractive?

    • I don't online date but probably. You're over thinking this.

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  • Yes. I click the profile if I think I like the pic, and I click it for a better view before I actually start reading


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  • Dude. If she isn't close enough to you to where you can possibly get some p**** it doesn't really matter if she thinks you're attractive or not.

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