I absolutely hate first dates...

Im going on a date tomorrow with this kid I've been talking to and he's kinda shy so I'm just worried things might get awkward...are there any go to convos/ideas that could easily trump the moments of silence?


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  • If you don't like first dates, then consider that you might not get married.

  • Its all about attitude really. That's my tip for breaking the ice in the first date. Just seem like you're having a good time, smile, then nothing will usually get awkward, even if there are quiet moments, with the right attitude you can have comfortable silences instead of awkward. but for convos talk about his interests, than make him go into details. Maybe he will give you a story, and/or the subject will change to something else and than that'll give you more to talk about. If he is half way decent he will definitely keep up with the conversation and maybe ask your interests or whatever.

    The right attitude and taking interest in learning the person your on a date with is the number one priorities in first dates. Then hopefully there will be chemistry.


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