What to say after great first date?

I spent the entire day with a guy yesterday and we had an amazing time and he was raving about me the whole time. He even said he wanted to take me out drinking with his friends soon. He texted me a few hours after the date ended and asked me to send him a picture of us that we took that day, I said thank you for the date, and then he said good night. He didn't text me today, but I know he is busy on vacation with his family in Boston. So, should I post the pictures on FB and wait for him to text me, should I play hard to get, or should I just text him? What should I do texting-wise until our next date?

I know he is busy, but what is going on through his mind right now?


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  • Simply schedule another date.


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  • Don't post the pictures. (Send it to him privately)

    Text him something if you really feel like it, I don't see what's a big deal about it :)

    Don't play hard to get. Be yourself (of course don't go crazy on him)

    Just relax a bit. We don't know what's on his head, but it's been only a day, so be patient and things will go well.

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