Guys, why do this, what are the intentions?

(Age:18 to 24) When: 3 days agoCategory: Dating

So I met up a guy who I met on instagram (I know, not such a great site or thing to meet guys, but this is a first for me), We met up 2 months ago. The date went very good, I was surprised as how good it went. He then asked me out again and the second date went good except I might have talked to much about how upset I was about how I was treated by a guy I had recently dated and I apologized but he wanted to hear what happened so I told him the story.

I think that might have had a bad effect on our dating because I poured out all my emotions on the second date. We then made plans for a third date, he blew them off for a sports game at the last minute, which I think was just an excuse. He disappeared on me, no text or anything for 4WEEKS!

He then texted randomly with short conversation. A couple of days went on like that and then he asked me out but I was busy, he asked me out the next day and I was busy again. Finally he asked me out a couple days later and I agreed to meet up. The date went very well, we kissed too and when I asked why he went m.i.a, and I even asked if my conversations scared him, he said no and that there was really no reason for him distancing himself.

After that, he did not text for 3 days, then he texts and asks me out. I've been led on a lot in this year of being single and I would hate for this to happen again, is he just wanting me as company or does it seem as if he can see some potential in us dating? I made sure to leave my past out of our conversations because that was a huge mistake of mine. ANY IDEAS?


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  • Came on too strong.


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  • You might have over shared a little too soon,but he did ask you out again. Sounds like he's keeping it casual, so follow his lead on that. Have fun when you go out with him, but keep your options open too. Take care!