Should I accept a movie date when I'm not sure I'm into him yet?

We've been on what I would call a "pre-date", and I guess he's nice enough, he's got an attractive face and we have similar interests

There was no noticeable spark on my part but since I'm quite an anxious person when it comes to guys at first, maybe I was auto-inhibiting any attraction ?

I wasn't sure what he'd thought of the 2 hours we spent together that day, he said he'd call me I said OK, and the other night he asked if I wanted to go see a movie. I couldn't so we rain checked it and it's bought me some time, but thinking about it makes me a bit nervous, is there an end game when they take you to see a movie ? Will he try to make a move on me already?

Since I'm not sure I like him it might get awkward because I could end up dodging any attempts at hand holding or kissing or whatnot.

Should I put off going to see a movie unless I'm sure I'm into him ?

I don't know how these things work, I've never been on a date before, let alone the clich├ęd movie date !

Thanks a bunch


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  • If there was no initial spark then it could become a problem. But if you're free and not doing anything that day then might as well give the guy a chance. Some people just aren't that attractive (in both appearance and personality) until you get to know them better. Strange, I know.


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  • go on second date and if doesn't work it doesn't work out. you can't turn away when he tries to kiss you.


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  • go as friends,if he makes a move simply tell him you aren't feeling him like that yet.