How long should you wait to get a text response back from a guy that you are dating?

So, for the past month I have been dating this one guy exclusively but yet.. We aren't in a relationship.. He went from texting me all the time to hardly texting me at all until I asked him if he was still interested and he then replied but that was 3 hours after I sent the message. What do you guys think should I be waiting that long to get a reply from someone I am dating?


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  • your not dating or remotely dating, time to move on.

  • 3 hrs? Seriously? I think you're overreacting/overthinking. What did he say?

    Maybe he was away from his phone or thinking about the answer.

    • Well first he said that "I'm a great girl, and that he wasn't dating anyone else" and that he "wanted to get sexual" with me and I wasn't giving in to him and so he blocked me on Facebook and is purposely ignoring my texts and calls which by the way I have only called him once and texted him 2 times

    • Oh well then he just wants relationship stuff. You two are on different pages. He wants a fling you prbly were getting serious, and he doesn't want that.

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