Dating sites...Creepy or cool?

Do you think its sad for someone to join a dating site or do you think its cool and acceptable?


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  • Dating sites are no longer considered as a last ditch attempt to find love. Some see it as a convenience, due to a fast paced life they can browse at their leisure and choose those they feel are compatible without going through the hoopla of small talk. Some see it as an extra resource to meet and match - they don't use it to keep them from socializing. Some use it as a networking tool, a fun way to pass time with someone that may have common interests with and an opportunity to get out.

    For some, it's the only way to go - you don't have to put yourself out there night after night - you can pick and choose like a buffet. Of course, as with everything in life, you will have problems, but I don't see it as creepy or desperate.

    If I were single, I would peruse the dating sites or classified ads for a potential date. I would know that whomever I chose was single and willing to go out. Sometimes it's too much trouble to be on the lookout for my future ... whatever. At least with a dating site everyone is pretty much like-minded. They all want to find someone.

    • Do you think some people just use them to meet and use people for whatever. but they say theyre looking for something serious. that's why they kinda creep me out. a lot of people lie

    • No matter how they go about it - there are people who "meet and use for whatever". People are going to lie regardless.

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  • There's nothing wrong with a reputable dating site. The internet has allowed us to expand the dating pool worldwide and that ocean full of fish has never been bigger. Years ago, people were limited to their local areas when searching for a partner, then, as transportation grew, so did our opportunities to partner selection. Now, we can go on the net to one of these sites and, in the comfort of our homes, meet so many more people.

    With this change comes a personal responsibilty to be cautious because we are no longer meeting friends of friends or meeting someone at one of our local hangouts. There are many devious people out there with motives other than finding a partner and the net allows them to portray themselves as someone other than they actually are.

    I would recommend EHarmony. It is a reputable site that matches people on compatibility based upon a questionaire rather than other sites that just throw your profile into the pool and tell you to find someone.

  • Depends on if they do it seriously looking for love, or if they are doing it for fun I guess its ok.

    • So you're sayin if they use it more like a facebook myspace thing then its ok??

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    • I was refering to anyone looking for love online as dude >.>

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  • I think if you are older than about 30, it is fine. But if you are younger than that, I think it is pretty easy to meet people out in the world.

    • I agree but I also think that facebook and myspace are a sort of social crutch too. people managed to stay in touch and have relationships without them before. almost everyone has a facebook or myspace and they won't consider a relationship official until their significant other states so on their page. I think that is sooo weird.

  • I use dating sites and I find them quite good. I have made good friends off of the sites and have always had some good dates. Interent dating is not see as taboo now days and is an up and coming thing. It is a good way to talk and interact with other people and even if you don't meet some of them it is still friends you can talk with.

    Facebook and Myspace are socialising sites and plenty of fish. com and match. com are good dating sites to use.

    The only thing I say is be sensible. Do not give out any personal details and if you do meet the person make sure it is in daylight, some where which is busy and public and make sure a friend knows where you are and contact them by phone to let them know you are ok.

    People go on about interent dating being un safe but you can find out more about someone on line than someone you meet in a bar and club. You know nothing about them and people in bars only want one night stands normally.

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