Super long but please read...ex is confusing me

My ex boyfriend and I dated for a little over 3 years. We broke up a little over a year ago...last March as a matter of fact. We were very close friends for a while before we started dating so we agreed to remain friends despite the breakup, because we didn't want to destroy a friendship. The breakup was on pretty good terms all things considered, there were some issues we couldn't work out as a couple but since they really didn't carry over into our friendship we were fine.

Anyways, its been an odd year to say the least. Sometimes things get kind of flirty between us but for the most part we've been able to brush it off, ignore it, etc. Until I've been dating my current boyfriend for a month and he's been talking to this girl who is actually away at the moment. The past two times we've hung out, he has literally upped the flirting an unbelievable amount. He was tickling me, playfully poking at me, finding little excuses to touch me, etc. I texted him later after the second time it happened nicely saying that he had to stop because I have a boyfriend, etc. He admitted that he knows he has no chance with me right now, & he's OK with that. But that's all he said about the whole thing.

What does that mean!? I don't get why is he is randomly acting all flirty and weird!


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  • he wants what he can't have now...


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  • because they always want us when someone else comes around..but its not because they WANT us want us,its an ego thing,brush it off ,stop hangin out with him,u have a boyfriend now