Got any fun "date" ideas?

it isn't an official date... we're still just friends, but I can tell he likes me. I really like him, and I'm about to leave the state for almost 2 months this Wednesday. Tuesday will be the last time I see him until August, so he suggested we do something that day. I said we should do something really fun, but now neither of us have any clue! I don't want to suggest anything super date-ey, since we never did make anything official and it would only hurt more to leave if we did now. Plus, I only have like 5 dollars to my name... not much to go off of. Ideas I've had so far: picnic, watch a movie (on netflix or something), Play foosball, sing/play piano (we're both musical), or, my personal favorite: go somewhere random and speak in accents. Both of us have done that, but not together. I want a bunch more ideas of things like that to choose from though. We just want to do something super fun and special to hold us over until next time we see each other.


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  • lol I was in your exact position, I took this girl I just met who I saw as a friend and prospective date to boomers, where we did mini-golf, laser tag, and go-karts. Went fantastic, and she made a bet that if she beats me in go-karts I have to pay for dinner and vice-versa.. well I won but payed for dinner anyway which kinda made it feel more date-like naturally :)

    Try something like that! I also went bowling and for drinks with her after which was also great, there are plenty of options out there. Just make sure to have fun!

    • Good ideas, although I'm not sure we can afford it. I'd feel horrible making him pay for me, since he's saving money and he's already spent so much money on me! He's bought me tea twice, payed for gas money for a ride home when I said I didn't want any (he told his DAD, and HE gave me money so I couldn't say no. :P) It is a good place to start thinking from though

    • Ah well that's just fine then if money is an issue, definitely do something like your picnic idea. My next date idea is ice skating and then a picnic at a nearby park. Ice skating gives an opportunity for lots of hand-holding(especially if one of you isn't so good =p). Maybe play a sport like tennis or something together. There is so much to do, you'll be fine. :)

      Side note: Stay with this guy, he sounds like a great guy, definite keeper, good luck!

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