GUYS: What do you think is this guy interested in me?

There is this guy, we really have a strong chemistry and flirt lot. Anyway, he asked me to send him a miscall or text him and he will call me back and we will have a long conversation. I did text him and he did call me on the very moment and we talked... But when I do not send him any text or miscall him, he doesn't call by himself. What's the reason? Is he even interested in me?


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  • Of course he is interested. He asked you to text him!.

    Why doesn't he take the initiative? who knows maybe someone on GAG said not to! life is crazy and full of surprises, Things don't have to make sense - therefore take what you DO have and use it!. He said to text, He is interested so throw out your doubts and enjoy the moment! =)

  • doesn't want to spend any money

    or just is being considerate and talks when ever you're free and not busy and get time to message him

    • Is he interested? He flirts lot whenever we talk and has started being quite obvious now?

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    • toh vo mujhe khud phone kyu nai karta

      usne kaha va hai k main ussko text ya miscall de diya karun phir vo phone karega.. aur vo karta bhi hai aur baat bi karta hai..

      hai vo interested?

    • dekho he's facing the same thing you are

      woh bhi dekhna chah raha hai keh kya tum interested ho

      is liye chah raha hai tum use message karo

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