Girls do you do this when you like a guy?

When he texts you, do you take a really long time to respond? Like even a day or two? I know I've done this when I've liked a girl. I'll get nervous and try to perfect the message before sending it and wait for a time when I know they'll be able to read it.

If no, why would she always wait 24+ hours to respond if her phone is working fine?

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  • Well maybe some girls like to send a late reply to just show guys that they are so busy and blah blah and so taken up etc. They think it avoids making it look like they are desperate for his attention. I do it too! We play hard to get at times.. but not always. hope that helped? :)

  • I do this sometimes, but not more than a day unless I am really busy

    I hate that when guys do this.. waiting for a day or two is really annoying

  • Nah.


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