Do guys ever think about the ex or passed dates?

Like do you something think about the ex or someone you dated doing better with their life? Do you ever want to get back with them? Why? What made you want to?


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  • Yes I sometimes think about different women that I've dated in the past, for example I sometimes think about one girl that was an amazing cook. We were terrible in a relationship but man I wish she would come make me dinner.

    My friend sometimes talks about this girl he dated who was a doctor. There's no freakin way that relationship would have worked but he focuses on her good qualities and forgets the other things that drove him crazy. I think his mind plays tricks on him to ignore the bad things from that situation.

    • What made you want to stay with one girl vs another girl?

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    • Thanks. I just started to get my career started and I am planning to buy a property and rent it out and to go back to graduate school while working (my age is incorrect here) but my ex is still wishy washy. I guess the more I get my life together, the more I want someone that has their life together too. Thus it is life.

    • Awesome, it sound like you've got your sh*t together. I hope you can handle everything, relationship career school and house all at once seems like a lot. Good Luck.

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