Being a loner is hard

I'm a bit of a loner I'm single and a bit shy I do want a relationship just you sure where to look I been trying a dating site. a lot of my frid des are married any advice wound be great


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  • Loners are awesome!, Trust me I'm one! =P. Its funny I found your question because I just posted one about me; Please read it - It may open your eyes somewhat.

    It can be very hard being single AND shy, You may have to challenge yourself here and try to step outside your comfort zone in order to meet new people or even appear approachable, Trust me you can be the sexiest woman alive but you WILL be written off if you don't seem approachable.

    Perfect and safe practise: Next time your out shopping, Take a second and genuinely ask how the shop assistant is doing, how their day has been ect. A lot of them are so used to being "used" as payment robots, You'll be surprised how this may change their day and in return you will feel better too. After a while this will become second nature and you can expand on it, Building your confidence and also creating a very positive energy around yourself.

    You don't have to go dirty dancing in every club, every week...Just interact with the world and you will get somewhere. This very method worked for me, My now Girlfriend approached me because she said I looked so happy and positive (funny how things can change =p lol).

    • Congrats on hAving a girlfriend how long have you been together ?

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    • You will be fine I was with my ex for a while

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  • Just go outside and stand around, some guy will approach you.

  • Have you tried getting your friends introduce you to potential boyfriends?


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