Male Friend Always Wanting to Know About My Dates?

Why would a male friend of mine be so concerned about who I dated on the weekend, if we had sex, if he was any good and if I am going to go out with him again? Every single weekend he needs to know what I am doing. I kind of thought when we first met that he was interested in me but he never really came out and said so. He has at different occasions described the woman he wants and they added very similar to me but really I never gave it any thought. I did ask him on one occasion would he ask me out and he said "definitely."

I still don't see why he would want to know details of who I am dating etc., I don't with him,
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A spinoff to the question I asked 7 days ago. I decided to tell him that I was interested in him., why not. He answered promptly and was interested as well. We chatted every night for about 4 days and then nothing not a word. This is the 1st time I have ever heard of this. He truly seemed very interested or I would have never even approached him. He has always had women approach him I am not sure if he just doesn't know how to be the aggressor or he is just a loser. Any thoughts?
Male Friend Always Wanting to Know About My Dates?
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