Male Friend Always Wanting to Know About My Dates?

Why would a male friend of mine be so concerned about who I dated on the weekend, if we had sex, if he was any good and if I am going to go out with him again? Every single weekend he needs to know what I am doing. I kind of thought when we first met that he was interested in me but he never really came out and said so. He has at different occasions described the woman he wants and they added very similar to me but really I never gave it any thought. I did ask him on one occasion would he ask me out and he said "definitely."

I still don't see why he would want to know details of who I am dating etc., I don't with him,

A spinoff to the question I asked 7 days ago. I decided to tell him that I was interested in him., why not. He answered promptly and was interested as well. We chatted every night for about 4 days and then nothing not a word. This is the 1st time I have ever heard of this. He truly seemed very interested or I would have never even approached him. He has always had women approach him I am not sure if he just doesn't know how to be the aggressor or he is just a loser. Any thoughts?


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  • Some people are a little voyeuristic..they have fantasies, maybe.

    I wold guess he is one of those. He enjoys his fantasies about you, and enjoys hearing about your sexual escapades.

    Yes, he is interested in you, but he is just as interested in his fantasies about you.

    It's possible he figures that it's safer to have fantasies in a work situation, where there are so many complications in dating a co-worker. Sure he'd like to date you, but then he thinks of the gossip, the problem if you break up, what if you start something with another co worker that he has to see every day, etc.

    So he gives a sigh, and just asks you how it went this weekend!

    • Thank you for your comment but we do not work together we are friends through a mutual friend. We talk almost once of twice a week he travels a lot with work but I can be guaranteed on Friday he will be texting me to see if I have a date, if I do say that I am not sure about him, he will kind of indicate that he is better. I just chalked it up to vanity on his part. Get the fantasy thing as well but

      I did say to him "Oh I think you care"... he said yes. Which spun me around

    • From the description, I thought you worked together..okay, throw that part out! Maybe he's just the voyeur type!

    • UPDATE: If he has other women after him, maybe he stopped contact with you because one of them asked him out..possible, no?

      In fact, it's likely he has many options, sohe isn't in a hurry to be the agressor with you.

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  • Keeping tabs on your dates with other guys is his method of finding out how and if he measures up to them, and if there is real threat to his chances to be with you. Hence his interest in your weekend with them and the attempts to persuade you that he is the better guy.

    • So that's why! I have male friends who constantly probe too. They can't possibly all feel that way. Or do they?

    • It's quite possible. Ideally, guys befriend girls that they are attracted to, so when they probe in their female friends love life, it's not because they're just want to be nosey. Simply put, many guys aren't remotely interested in their female friends love life, unless they have "interest" in them(friends and coworkers alike). However, there are exceptions, but that is few and far between.

    • I have to remember this! Got to becareful. Specially if it is a work environment.


  • What's with all the anonymity, sis?

    Also, why should you care what he does?

    • Anonymity ooops must of hit the wrong button, me bad kimmy28... and I don't care what he does he cares what I do. He can do whatever he wants.

    • Just sayin'

      Also, you can turn yourself back to unanonymous if you go to the question and uncheck the anonymous box

    • loser? lol, you sound like quite a catch yourself

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  • hes obviously interested or he wouldn't be asking those questions. Have you ever given any indication that you like him? If you do like him more than a friend why don't you give him a gentle push in the right direction and flirt with him a little bit. Maybe he hasn't a clue that you think of him in that way.