Have not been on a date in 4 years, is something wrong with me?

Hey! I need an honest opinion and maybe some help here.

Despite improving myself, forwarding in my career, and approaching girls and asking girls on dates, I have not been on a date in 4 years.

I feel like dates happen so incredibly easy for everyone else...I am getting to the point where I just want to flat out ask a girl " I think you are cool, we should hang out sometime, as friends", at this point I would almost just be happy keeping it platonic than have no female contact at all.

All around me I see girls hitting on guys, guys and girls together, people getting married, I feel like something is honestly wrong with me.

What should I do?


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  • There is nothing wrong with flat out asking someone out if you are interested in someone. You never know unless you ask!

    Start of with hanging out with someone as a friend and see where it takes you.

    Don't be in a rush to find the wrong person. Things will happen how they are supposed to. Sometimes things happen a lot later than the personal timeline we give ourselves.

    I originally thought I would be married by 24, have a kid by 25. I am now 27 and recently went through a break up, with no ring and no kids.

    If you feel like whatever you are doing now isn't working, try a different approach.

    How or where are you meeting these girls?

    • I used to meet girls through friends, most of them verbally told me they had on interest in me - most of the time upfront so things wouldn't progress I guess. Since then most of my friends are in relationships/married/settling down so I don't really meet anyone new. I started approaching girls at bars/clubs but I can't compete with the fact that there are so many better looking guys so I sort of gave up on that.

    • well looks aren't everything. don't worry about whether someone else is better looking. there will always be someone who is smarter, better looking, funnier, etc than you. always.

      maybe try online dating? start changing your routine or find a new hobby that might allow you to meet new people! just go for it!

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  • I know what you are talking about. I have never been on a date in all my life. I'm 20.


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  • Just keep trudging along. Those girls that passed you up weren't meant for you.

    "at this point I would almost just be happy keeping it platonic than have no female contact at all."

    - Don't. You sound like you've given up when you start thinking like that.

  • Try never sonny lol