What should I do from here..?

After I invited this girl to hangout she said that she would text me when she was done babysitting. Since no one that I invited came to hangout I canceled the plans and texted her that I had canceled due to the lack of people, which came with no response.

I am thinking of calling her and asking her to the movies but I do not know if its the correct time to do so after inviting her to hang out and her giving no response to me cancelling the meetup with everyone?

*What I texted her*

"Turns out *me* has no friends ,_,"

"We left the park, sorry. Not enough people showed to have a decent game"


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  • Make another date.


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  • The only thing you can do to save yourself in this...is to try asking her out again. If she says no, then move on. All you needed to say was "Never mind about tonight, I have to cancel". She still wouldn't have replied because it's not really repliable but you made yourself sound like a loser with what you texted. Girls want to see confident men...

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