Boyfriend has been distant

It's been about a year that me and my boyfriend are together but about 2 months that I found out I was pregnant and I told my boyfriend, although nothing was perfect I thought this news would sorta change everything. But things are worse! we argued about the dumbest things before but now we don't even talk, he now locks his phone , he blocked me from Facebook and instagram because he says I'm nosy, I'm not nosy but I had caught him liking other girls pics, pics of them blowing kisses or being sexy , he doesn't kiss me nor takes me out its just so weird now I don't know what to think? should I just leave him...


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  • Sounds like he isn't that into you anymore. He definitely has things to hide, or he wouldn't block you and lock his phone. I think you have a right to be nosey if he's not being truthful to you.

    Should you leave him? Noone here can answer that for you. If you're not happy how you are right now, and you don't think you can turn it around, maybe you should?

    • exactly what I thought too it just sucks cuss I'm pregnant and I love him, THX

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