Should I wait or move on?

Knew this guy at a professional setting for like nine months and became closer since this 1-2 months. He started texting me once daily which I replied. Then he started sending me good morning texts and would text 2-3 times a day. He has told me he likes me a lot and would like to know me more and I told him I know him as well. We have talked about setting up plans to go out but we both have a busy schedule (where times can be conflicting, i.e.g I will be getting off at a time where he starts working or vice versa). A month after the increased texting, he thought I went on a date with a guy who we both know (he heard from a mutual friend of him and that guy). He became a little upset and called and texted to find out what's going on. I cleared that up, told him it's just a hanging out. He was relieved and brought up about meeting up again when there is a time good for both of us, which I agreed. He said he'd be in touch with me real soon, which he did as he texted me the next day - regular text checking to see how things are.

Then for three days he didn't contact me in any ways, so I texted him to make sure things were okay with him and he sent a short reply saying he's fine without even asking about how I was. so I thought, "okay, I guess this is not working out?" or he's just playing game? So I just left it like that.

Then the next day he texted me for a question (professional), so I just replied with the answer without any other things. He thanked me but sent another text saying how he was working and sleeping a lot so hasn't been calling and asked me to give him some times. I told him okay, figured he's busy so didn't want to bother him, asked him to take care of himself, and ended with a joke. He didn't reply and I thought maybe he felt a sleep so I just left it like that.

Then for three more days, he didn't contact in any ways again. He has told me before that everything is new to him - he has never dated someone of my race (he knows people of my race but doesn't even have a friend who's my race), he never texted for so long with someone. I also know that he recently got a new job (just this past week when communication decreased tremendously) so needs time to adjust and everything, but my thing is, I understand that people can be too busy to have a conversation, but how long does it take to just send a "how are you" or "have a nice day" text? His job is not too intense and should have free time longer than 20 seconds to just send me a text. I feel that he might just have lost interest or have met someone else at the new place or just playing mind game. I am a straight-forward person and I don't like to guess what's going on or to play difficult, but I'm thinking that this time I wouldn't text him even though I haven't heard from him for days because maybe I should simply move on, but at the same time I wonder (hope?).. what if he's actually telling me the truth?

Any one has any thoughts?


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  • Moving on is good. He's giving hot and cold signals.


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