Break up or see if things get better?

So let me start off at me and my boyfriend have been close friends for over 3 years and always had a flirty friendship. Well within the past few months we started dating. Since then a lot has happened he was working and unstable job where one week he would work 3 hours the next would be only 9hours and recently he quit that job and his new job has him working full time and he claims he is "always busy" sure he still sends me texts but il respond and sometimes if I'm lucky il get a response back. And do take in consideration we send less then 5texts a day and we see each other a few hours one day out of a week. He has mentioned several times when I question if he even cares about our relationship that he is really busy and that maybe we should break up and that we can start dating again another time. But of course me being the girl who doesn't want to just give up I always say lets try to stick through this but recently I'm at a point where I don't know what to think about if we should break up or not. Every date we have on the weekend is out to dinner with his parents. Don't get me wrong his parents are really nice and I get along with them but damn it gets annoying cause I want just a normal date like we had in the beginning of our relationship but I don't want to be rude and ask if we can hang out alone. And after every date it ends in something sexual cause he is always "horny" like I get it hormones and sh*t but like its overboard and annoying sometimes when I get a text saying he is horny and all that sh*t. He can be quite just lovable and kissing my head when I'm laying in his arms but like it always ends up sexual somehow and it is sometimes just annoying. But anyway the real point is do you guys personally think I should end things or like stick it out and see if things get better.

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  • If you're dating someone you have to be 100% alright with them never changing. You can't just hold on to hope that he's eventually going to change because there's a greater chance that he won't.


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  • if you're already unhappy after just a couple of months together, and both of you have already suggested taking a break, you're probably better off apart for a while. that way his life can calm down, and you can both decide whether it's worth fighting for.

  • B and C.

  • Break up.


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