I don't understand my own feelings or her's

I drove my female friend home from a concert she went to. When we got to her house she was thanking me like crazy and gave me a hug and kissed my cheek. I'm not supposed to like her because we tried to date but it didn't work. When she kissed me I got this feeling and I don't know how to explain it but it was good and while I was driving home every time I thought about it I couldn't help but smile. I don't understand my feelings or hers. Please I need advice


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  • Well . . . obviously you still sort of like her. But it could be just a silly little crush like with me,. The other day I got hugged by my ex and we were being playful with each other and I got the butterfly and it felt good. But yesterday when I woke up . . . I didn't have the same feelings for him. I know I really view him as a friend. Don't rush into this, girls tend to kiss guys cheeks most of the time for they are good friends. But even at same time she maybe giving you the hint she likes you. Don't ask her why she kissed you're cheek, girls hate being confronted in that direction. Just take it slowly, find anymore hints from her, and give yourself a few days to think over you're feelings and how you feel around her. For all you know that once good feeling may fade away.


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