She doesn't want me to visit my former place of work?

I got led on my a girl 5 months ago and hurt quite badly. After she announced she wasn't over her ex after 3 months despite telling me how much she liked me daily, I never really heard much from her.

I stupidly tried to keep in touch with her afterward which I regret. This then led to her blocking me on Facebook and my mobile number.

The dilemma I have is she works at my former place of work and I would like to visit my ex employees. I spoke to an ex employee about the fact we dated and she told me the girl I dated doesn't want to see me or talk to me and that I should visit when she is not there. She said she would feel awkward if she saw me.

As it is a public place I am entitled to visit when I want, she can't tell me what to do. But...why does she feel awkward for something that was months ago?. I am over it now and have moved on but I was not happy with her dictating when I can visit so just wanted some advice on what I should do. I can only visit when she works as specific employees are in that I want to see.


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  • Go where you want to go just don't even acknowledge her being there don't look her way or anything and if she tries to talk to you just pretend you don't hear her let it be known you are there for your friends not her. It'll really piss her off and get your point across don't let her failure hold you back from anything or anywhere. Truth is she was probably cheating on you with a coworker and doesn't want you to find out.

    • Thanks. I will not stop because of her when she was in the wrong anyway. I don't think she was cheating I just think she feels guilty about what she did.

  • maybe she gets bad vibes there.


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