I am on an early stage of dating. What is the next step? Need help!! Thanks

I am on an early stage of dating. He went on business trip for two weeks. Before he left, he called from a/p had a great conversation. We are not exclusive yet. And said we have to catch up when he gets back.

I emailed him last week, simple hi and a little update about my week. No respond. I know he will be back today.

Should I send him a text and say hey hope you had a great trip...

Or should I just let him contact me ?

i text him. he called back from a/p...again on his way to another business trip lol...at least he asked to chat more tomorrow...and asked to see me next week. :)

thank you for helping


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  • I see no reason not to contact him. It won't make you seem desperate if you're upbeat the way you suggest. One reason he may not have responded is that business trips often are pretty exhausting. If it includes going out to dinner with clients than you have no time to yourself. It doesn't suggest a lack of interest on his part.

    • I don't know what to say...don't want to sound desperate. Phone conversation in a/p was fun, flirty. I also don't want to be the one who seem to do the chase. He is a pretty traditional man.

    • What you suggested sounded good to me: "How was your trip?" That won't come off as desperate. If you're not sure, you can wait a day after he returns before sending it .

    • thank you. I friended you

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  • Text him again. Don't let the interest die down.


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