Confront him or just leave it alone and move on? This is starting to bug me...

So me and this guy used to talk (flirt, ect..) and it was just always on and off. After a while we just completely stopped talking to each other (meaning if we'd see each other we'd walk right past, no calling or texting). We were friends on Facebook I deleted him once but sent him another request thinking that maybe I made a mistake and he accepted it. So recently I messaged him seeing how he was doing and all of that good stuff. We messaged back and forth and us hanging out jumped into the conversation since we never did actually hang out. He asked what I was doing during the week and when I was free. He set up the date and we were supposed to hang out (as friends I presume). When the day came he cancelled because he was tired from work. I brushed it off and agreed to reschedule for the weekend. That day came around and he claimed that his money wasn't right and that he was planning on buying a car soon and wanted to save that money. I was disappointed and instead of snapping off I simply said OK. I thought that we could still text or call but I must have been wrong because I texted him maybe a day or two later asking what he was doing and I did in fact need some advice on something and he told me to hold on and he would call me in a minute. Three days have gone by and I get nothing. I'm so confused and my heart is telling me to move on but I fear that if I give up I'd be missing out on something good. What do you think I should do? Confront him or just leave it alone and move on?

Well this time I guess I tried to let it blow over, and I texted asking if he wanted to hang out over the weekend. He said no and that he was tired from work and he was just going to relax. Well when I look on his Facebook he is posting statues saying that how "when you treat someone any ind of way it's going to come back on you harder.." so now I'm starting to think it kind of has something to do with pay back.


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  • tell him how you feel lifes to short someone needs to step up and express how they feel especially if you really like him be honest,tell him the truth ,learn from your past mistakes,have fun and enjoy life together , don't try to impress him just be yourself make yourself feel beautiful and happy and focus more on you and gain that confidence needed to make things work between you to and when talking to him good luck

    • The thing is though I don't want to come off irritating. I mean it just feels like he's avoiding me and I don't know why when he was the one that asked for my number in the first place...

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    • Thanks, I will try and focus on myself

    • your welcome :) I just don't want you stressing out or worrying about guys if anything they should worry about you and come back to you and trust me focusing on your happiness will make you really happy and prepare you for your next relationship good luck friend

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  • COnfront him.


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  • I think it is his revenge on you for deleting him on Facebook. Maybe he really liked you but you ran out of things to chat about. He might have put things on hold or gathering confidence to ask you out because he really liked you. He might want you to feel the way he felt. In my opinion, you should really move on because it is obvious he is ditching you and avoiding you on.purpose thinking that that way you would fall for him and would feel hurt.

    • Thanks, the thing is too now that I think about it I did cancel on him before but I had family issues to take care of. It just seems like he is avoidind me. He always talked about how all he does is work, come home and chill by himself and that no one ever calls him to hang anymore and how he found out who his real "friends" were and was kind of giving me advice on that as well. It just doesn't add up to me. If you complain about other people bailing on you, and not being real with you...then

    • why would you do it to me?

    • He knows the feeling of being bailed on so he is doing the same to you by showing you how it feels like. You should show him that you don't care about these actions. Tell him how you feel about him and see how he reacts, or if you are not one of the most confident people, stop starting the conversations with him or avoid him

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