What game is this guy playing?

I don't think he is trying to protect his privacy as he gave me his work email address. I looked it up it is a legit company and he really is the owner.

He told me to email him and he would sent me his pic as he couldn't post one on site due to work reason.

If its about work why did he give me his work email? And then he asked me to text him so he can send me his pic and I ignored him from this point.

Is it something I miss? I need to know more about the online dating scene!

If he can't keep his word t osomething that simple he can't be trusted in general. I will just cut him lose if he comes back I will tell him why I stop talking to him or else he is not worth my time to email him again.

Some guys have also said email me and I will send you my pic and they keep their word!

Thank you for both advises.
I called him out on his BS and said we should stop talking and he gave me his pic and acted oblivious of why can't I trust him.

Either he is playing games or on happy pill. Haha


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  • Well it might be how people use computers at work that you need to know more about.

    Generally, work computers are kept in quarantine. The IT people hate users bringing in discs or flash drives and putting files on work machines, as people have a tendency to do silly things like run games, or bring in viruses. So it's hard to get a picture to upload from an office machine. Even if he is the boss, his IT man might rule the roost as far as that is concerned.

    Alternatively he could be lying, he might not be the same person who owns the company, he might be someone totally different. So proceed with caution, but it could be totally legit!

    • I think it's fishy cos he shouldn't have give me a work email address at the first place! Or he could be some IT guy there hacked into the owners email? Idk

      I will just ignore him

    • Well if you are suspicious, best to find out more about him before trusting him.

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  • Somethings up, cut contact with him, don't look back, play it safe. Plenty of normal great guys out there.. lol

  • Playing with your feelings.


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