How to tell when a guy is no longer interested?

I've been talking to this guy for a couple weeks now and be has texted me everyday since we met. We've hung out a few times, and I found out he told a friend he really likes me. On Friday night we went out to a bar together and I slept over that night. We didn't have sex, only made out and the next day he didn't text me. In my mind, nothing was awkward Friday night, but then again I was kinda drunk. Is he over me?


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  • Could be. It might be that he has found someone else, or it could just be that he is busy. Guys are less intense over relationships than women. I know that I might be watching a movie and have my phone in the other room, and maybe miss a text from a girl I am dating. Next thing I know she is calling me asking me why I didn't answer her text!

    Best way to know is just to send him a simple text asking if he wants to go out with you next weekend - then you will know if he's interested :)

  • It will be when he''s being unresponsive.


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