Is this hook up going anywhere?

I've been hooking up with this guy for about 3 months now. We text each other about once or twice a week and he usually tells me goodnight, that he misses me, or he hopes I have a good day, and to hang out sometimes. When we do hang out I usually go over to his place and we cuddle and kiss each other and he always kisses me on my cheek and my forehead and then my lips and we catch up with each other and take a shot or two and after we just get it on and talk and cuddle.

Yesterday was the first time I saw him in a month or so and he kept telling me how he missed me and even called me pet names and such but when we went out together in public we don't hold hands or anything but he would kiss me on the cheek and act all happy or high and mighty since he just got laid or something but anyways my question is is this hookup going in any direction? I'm not the kind of girl to have any feelings for anyone so I was just wondering since I don't plan to hurt anyone, also he said "I love you" but I'm not sure if he meant it as a joke. Thanks in advance!`


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  • You'd have to ask him.

    Having said that, there are lots of guys who will happily have sex with a girl, and even enjoy the "girlfriend experience" with her (cuddling, doing things together, etc.), but don't want the actual commitment, limitations, and expectations that come with a real relationship, and since they're already getting sex, there's nothing to motivate them to change their minds.

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