Let's say someone hasn't texted you in over 5 days

Is that someone just really busy or doesn't want to talk/text with the other person?

Usually the two people have hardly ever gone that long without texting each other(only once before).

Just curious, for future reference.

I'm bored. Just wanted to know.Please and thank you.

  • Person is just really busy.
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  • Person doesn't want to text with the other person.
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  • i am in the same situation as you are now but I'm on a different side. I haven texted a guy for about 5days now because I was really pissed after he ditched me for his friends. so I don't text back only because I'm pissed or because that person really annoys me because s/he is too clingy or does not stop texting.

  • Here's my thinking -

    Life does get complicated sometimes and we really are super busy at times.

    BUT, it takes less than 30 seconds to send a text saying, "I'm super busy, but wanted to say hi and I hope you're doing well. Talk to you soon!" Or something similar.

    If someone isn't taking that simple 30 seconds out of their day, you're clearly not a priority to them, they're not thinking of you.

    Does it mean they don't like you at all? Of course not. But it does mean that you're not in their thinking. Sometimes, there is a good reason for that. Most of the time though, there isn't.

    Going long periods of time without talking to someone indicates they're annoyed and/or they just don't want to talk to people/that particular person.