How long do I make him wait to become official?

Ive been on two dates with my" boo"he asked me on the first date if we could be official.I said who knows and that we should take it long should I make him wait?he also spends the night and we jus spoon together Because I'm not giving up my goods either.he has to wait for this too!


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  • From personal experience, from just a friend to dating material I give it '3 months' before declaring it an official by an anniversary date.

    • I will claim him after 5 dates and not all in a row and dates dnt count if we chillin at home he gonna wait awhile

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  • Depends if it bothers you if he sleeps with other women. If not, as long as you need to be comfortable. If you don't want him sleeping with other women, you're waiting too long.

    Official is not as big a deal as you are making it out to be.

    • I dnt want to be official with him yet.he wants to be with I said we went on two dates but he sleeps over but I have not slept with him.I'm single and dating other guys too.I want to move slow not rush a relationship because I like him and don't wanna ruin what we have now.I wanna give him that title eventually but not now

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    • I'm fine with it.he can do what he wants up until I let him claim me

    • He doesn't want me dating other guys tho.

  • Wait for a month.


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