Does she know its a date?..

Ok lemme try to make this text exchange brief, then I want to know what you think.

So I asked her to come with me to this mall with a movie theater and arcade to "have a good time with me".

Her- "who are you going with? and yea I'm down :-)" that scared me for a min.

Me- "just us, thought it'd be a fun place to chill with you this weekend"

Her- "yea sounds cool :-) we can also do that big laser tag you mentioned lol" I mentioned it the first time we hung out at a place with a mini-laser tag room.

Me- "yea thatd actually probably be really fun, I'm down for that. Is 8 good for you? I want to eat actual food this time.. :P" the last two times we ate dinner after our activities when most places are closed.

Her- "yea 8 is good :-) and alright we will eat on one of your wild journeys lol" she said that because we tried a new place last time and I kinda got lost and settled for ihop. Not this time.. lol.

So in your opinion, is this a friendly outing to her, or is it a date in her eyes? she's also very flirty, teases me a lot, and is always grabbing my arm and thigh and allows me to do the same, this is among other signs. Thanks!


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  • UGh. I hate how all of you guys can't ask us out directly.

    Unless you're asking me out for dinner or coffee I assume it is NOT a date.

    Well, that was before asking because I kept finding myself in awkward situations. I was supposed to assume help with physics homework was a date once... Same with going to a protest.

    A few weeks ago my friend asked me to go to a movie with him. Last year I told him I was not interested in dating him and could only offer a friendship. He asked me out to a movie as friends. I reminded him I can't offer him more and haven't heard from him since.

    Make your intentions known to avoid disappointment!

    • We are going to dinner though, outback steakhouse. I'm not really sure if I HAVE to use the word "date" or if girls are sharp enough to catch on, which is why I'm asking. She seemed instantly OK with it just being us, and given her extremely flirty nature with me I'm thinking she might be on the same page. Again its dinner, and an activity she suggested becuase she remembered us talking about it before. Thanks for the answer btw!

    • Excellent. You should be fine :)

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  • She knows it's a date, since she consented into it.

  • Yes, she knows.