She isn't ready to date... should I date other people?

So I've been working with this girl for the last 7 months. I'm 25 she's 21. She has dated other guys but always flirst with me..she's genuinely mean to me goes out of her way to get me angry. I failed to attend one of her concerts and she made a big deal...we aren't dating but we work together and it feels like all we do is argue about small things. I finally apologize after making her upset that I didn't go to her show. I asked her to a movie (which is a big deal I'm very shy), she said yes but about 10 minutes later she very casually tells me "I don't think I'm ready to date for a while, my mom told me and I agree" I told her it sounds like a good idea but it feels like she loves the attention likes me but dosn't want to go further. So after gettign a yes to going to the movies then hearing I'm not ready to date. I felt like its not worth it, should I just move on be cordial with her and date other people? I can't play her mind games anymore...I work with her but it feels like we are married with no intimacy..eww


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  • Yeah, if I were you I would not pursue her any further.

    And if she is interested and sees you dating other girls then maybe she changes her mind. Otherwise, she does not sound like she is mature enough to date and it would probably just fizzle out in a few weeks anyway.

    My advice is to move on from her and date someone who you get along with and can have good times with. Life's too short, ya know?

  • Yes, date other people now.