Damn I don't know what to do about this?

Ok so I'm so confused right now...and just throwing this out there I'm s big over thinker. Anyways this guy told me he liked me and at the time I really wasn't sure of my feelings for him. Now I'm pretty sure I want to get to know him and see what happens between us, only problem is he isn't talking to me as much and I haven't told him how I feel. What if he changed his mind :\

So do I just text him how I feel with hope that he'll text back?


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  • From my experience as a dude, once I like a girl I sort of always like her. ESPECIALLY if she rejected me at one point. So I guess I would just tell him at the right moment "Hey my feelings have changed Id like to give it a shot". If this guy were me, he would probably be the happiest guy in the world. GL! :D

    • Haha thanks. I hope that's the case for him cause I want to really give it shot :)))

    • Omg we're talking now just to see how things go. I couldn't be happier right now =)

    • Yayayayayayay!

  • Yes, text him how you feel.


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