Have you been able to keep up with your age? getting through school in one shot, going out, dating, living?

Have you been able to keep up with your age in terms of going through school in one shot and getting a job. having a great social life, or not, being able to find love or like me never going on a date in my life. I'm not saying that there is a proper path, but it is the easiest path to go on, do it once and get it done get a job and get a life.

I have not. I still don't know what to do with myself in my mid twenties. It's driving me crazy that my diploma isn't leading anywhere. I have never had a good social life, I have seen many friends disappear. Now many people are getting married and going on dates and defining themselves, I'm still working on finding my confidence. I have never been on a date or had a girl interested in me, or at least I couldn't really tell. Feels like time is running out on what I can do I guess and what I should be doing. feels like the pressure is on.


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  • no, I haven't had a boyfriend or ever been on a date.


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