So annoyed right now..Please help

So this guy has lived by me for a year now and he always says hi to be when he sees me. So were just casual friends. A year go's by and he messages me on Facebook saying he cutie how are you doing anyway he gives me his number and tells me to text him sometime. I text him a few days later and the conversation is going well and all of a sudden he doesn't text me back. Then a few days later he messages me on fb saying text me sometime. So I text him the next day and he says hey beautiful and then he doesn't text me back. Please help what's going on here. Guys please answer

  • Stop texting him
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  • Hes playing you
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  • Call him/ ask him about it
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  • Hes shy
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  • Its only been one day... chill out... ask him to hangout..

  • Stop texting him.


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