Why is my friend like this

When I was 16 and she turned 17 shs started talking about older guys constantly. Now I know she is growing up and girls do that and blah. But for like 3 years she has been chasing this one guy who graduated before us and is like 24 now. Well, she turned 18 a few months ago and the guy supposable took notice in her and he and they went 2nd base, good for her. But now she likes to judge me because I've only had crushes on shy, quirky guys, but never dated them. She told me "I like strong confident men, you like little boys". I don't know why but that sentence really got me pissed off with her. I don't know why is is acting that way. Her and the guy only hooked up, they aren't dating or anything. He is just probably using her after he and his girlfriend broke up. Why use would he suddenly be interested in her?


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  • She just turned of age, fresh p****. Stick to the men you like, you won't be disappointed. I'm friends with all kinds of guys and the ones she likes are the ones that use women, trust me lmaoo. Don't be discouraged that you haven't gone anywhere with your type yet, it takes time, which is why they are so endearing.


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  • It seems that she got more beautiful.


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