Is he interested or not

went on a second date with a guy..he is 42, I am 38... we have spent 8 months texting, sexting, he has asked me out numerous times, but I could never go or was too scared. so our second meeting was for my birthday..went to movies and afterward sat out in the promenade talking for over an hour... when we got up to leave and go our separate ways...he kissed me closed mouth on the lips... and gave a big hug... was the kiss just a simple friendly kiss... or is he interested in me...


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  • Damn girl at 38 you should have this down pat lol. He kissed you for god's sake..of course he's interested! Not to mention he's been pursuing you for the past 8 months.

    • LOL you would think I would have it..but I haven't dated for 20 years. So I am so lost in all of this...

    • lol it's OK. Try not to worry so much...he's into you!

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  • He's interested.


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  • A kiss on the lips is never just friendly.

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