I'm getting mixed messages off this guy and it's really bringing me down?

A guy that I've been talking to at the gym for just over a month perhaps, I added him on Facebook and I was the first to message him, he always replied enthusiastically but never really initiated conversation. In person he is always very chatty and would touch my back etc. He saw me last week for the first time looking good and he was checking me out (looking at my bum and just looking at me for longer than normal)

Next day we both went to a shop together and the lady from the gym asked if we were going on a first date to which he replied yes. We now hug and stuff and then the other day he told me to text him so I said I don't have your number which he then gave me. I messaged him later that day and we had a short convo but he didn't reply after so I left it.

Next day, he was at the the gym so I went up to him before leaving and we were speaking (we both left the gym together) and then I text him about something about 15 min later as we were talking about it before. He replied ages after and so I did the same. Again another short convo but he didn't reply after. I saw him today we spoke... Same old but no texting today. I don't want him to get bored of me.

This time last week I thought he was interested as the stuff he was saying and doing indicated he did and now there's not a lot going on. What are your opinions and what should I do next? Maybe I should back off? Really bringing me down :-(


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  • If it's bringing you down, it means that he's not worth it as a guy.


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  • dont text him first wait for him to make the first move... just act nice and normal and if he is interested he will contact you...

    • When I see him tomorrow at the gym, do I go upto him like I normally do? Or just wave from a distance and leave?

    • no don't go up to him first let him come to you since he's giving you mixed signals you should do the same ...

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