Examples Of Starting A Text Convo WIth Shy Girl?

Whats a great way to start a text conversation with a shy girl to keep the text going? she's will answer with basic reponses. I wanna bring Up school to ask her how his exams in university but then wanna make it more personal. What are some examples and some good text starters?

Last time I text her was about 2 months ago and it didn't go well. I'd assume she wasn't interested my friend is a friend of hers and told me that she's really shy with guys and text him the exact same way.


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  • If she's shy and serious: just try to get to know her, be honest and upfront and tell her she seems like great company or whatever.

    If she's shy and playful: be spontaneous and playful! Tell her weird stuff about yourself that would make her laugh or just tell her out of no where that you can read minds.. and how you can tell she thinks you're weird/ that you know she likes you

    things like that.


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  • Text her about something entertaining that happened to you.

  • If you've talked before in person, continue from where you left off.

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