Does he love me or just want revenge?

to make a long story short i dated this guy for 4 months only to realize that i was being played. he slept around, and left me feeling really hurt considering he was my first boyfriend. i was completely devastated when i found out. anyways i ended things with him and stopped talking to him and he was really upset because i had the upper hand of ending it i guess. but now like 6 months later i got a text message from him and all it said was hi. but it pissed me off because he couldn't even bother to text me and even tell me merry xmas or anything like that after we broke up. in fact the last thing he said to me was that he never wanted to speak to me again. so why is he now texting me? and before this he kept trying to be friends with me, following me when i'd walk somewhere or trying to make eye contact with me and smile after he hurt me really bad. why is he doing this? to get back at me for breaking up with him? also he's never been broken up with at all and he was verbally/emotionally abusive to me during the relationship. please help!

i know its long i'm sorry... but please help me!


the ex girlfriend t_t


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  • I don't see from where you would come down to the conclusion that he loves you, revenge I don't think he's seaking that either. He's a jerk that just wants to ruin your life once again, I don't think you should give him the time of day again. Keep moving on with your life he's a moron that has no respect for anyone.

    • Thanks for your reply! Yeah I don't know why he would do that but you're right I'm so much stronger because of it! So thanks girl! I have another question though.. If I ever run into him, how do I avoid him without seeming like I care... cause at school I see him A LOT. So like how do I walk by him without turning my head or changing my face? I know its weird but I am so inexperienced I need someone's help!

    • Put headphones or something on

    • okay thanks so much! you're awesome

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  • It seems that he still want to get back with you.


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