Girls help! She's really confusing me...

I met this really great girl. We're getting closer and closer. Last weekend I stayed with her till one in the morning, kissing, massaging her, etc (we didn't get sexual). We talked about details of our life and how we felt when we met, and we were very open. She was really happy with me and said that she enjoyed spending time with me and I was an excellent kisser. She also threw me a small surprise birthday party this past weekend. We text and call nearly every day.

Every once in a while though, its as if she goes missing in action. She has talked to me and texted me very little yesterday and not at all today. We had plans to hang out this evening, but she canceled a few hours before because she said she wasn't feeling well. She ignored my goodmorning message this morning and hasn't responded to any of my recent messages telling her I hope she feels better, if she needs anything to let me know, etc...

My question is, what's the deal here? Is she pulling back? Its very hot and cold, and the messages I sent her were ones that I'm kind of hurt she didn't respond to ...


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  • When us girls feel down, we are DOWN. Personally for me, when I am sick, I am like a different person. I'm irritable and cranky.

    Even if you are being the sweetest person ever, she could just not be up to talking. Give her some time and let her come back to you. If she wants to talk she will, if not, she won't.


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