Enough Games. It's time to be serious.

I've had it. After a year or so being on and off, boyfriend broke up with me because he doesn't see a future with me again for Nth time around. It's just so tiring and I'm not getting any younger. Though he has shown signs and actions before that he did care about me. It seems it has changed again. Might be the pressure with work, family, a new prospect, whatever. So I didn't talk to him nor bother with him for almost 2 and a half weeks. I see him occassionally though and act as if I am carefree and loving the life without him even if it is just a facade of what I really feel inside. But I need to do this for myself. Seeing the signs that he is being responsive and friendly, I put my walls down a bit and engaged with his mind tricks with banter.

But recently, I caved in and sent him a text yesterday saying something like "I read the Libras horoscope, its a nice and sunny day outside. Maybe you should think about taking a good pal out. " He replied with, "Yeah I know. Its really nice and sunny inside the office." Having had enough I sent him, one last message. "Can I just be honest, no more games. I sent that to you because I was just wondering if you wanted to hang out." He made no reply. And this morning, I realized that I had nothing to lose any more. I do not want to be in this anymore. So I asked for my keys back to the apartment and he can just give it to my friend. He replied within seconds to say, "Are you leaving the country soon?"

I simply said, "I will give you back your stuff before I go?" and his reply was, "I did not ask for it back." So firmly I just texted him, "I know. But I am not sure if I want to come back." He never replied.

I do not know if what I am doing is right. Throwing a year of my life in this country and going back to Philippines to live the life I used to live. But I am not afraid of doing it, because I know myself that I can always repair and get back up on my feet and start over.

It's just hard to see everything in this place that reminds me of him.

Please, am I doing the right thing? Walk away and not look back?


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  • You should just try to move on, but I wouldn't leave a country because of a guy

  • Why does leaving him mean you have to leave the country? Couldn't you make different living arrangements or relocate to another city? I think it'd be a shame to waste the rest of your opportunity to live abroad, I never got to and I wish I did. As far as not looking back at him, yes, I do think it is wise to walk away. If it didn't work the first time, or the 4th time, it's not going to work the next time either. Plus, you can't hardly still feel as strongly for him when he keeps doing things like this. Him just 'changing his mind' means he isn't in love with you. Love doesn't change on a whim, it takes a long time to kill love, or a very careless act by one of the two, but he is effectively killing your love for him.