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i found out about 2 days ago my ex was still in love with me when she got into her new relationship ok here's the situation I broke up with her because I was tired of fighting I wanted a brake but I did it in a mean why. So about 2 days after the brake up I calm down and tell her I wanted a brake but she ends up dating another guy within the week of the brake up. But its been 3 months since then and we haven't talked in like 2 months and I'm just wondering if she still loved me while going into that relationship wouldn't that be a rebound? But we haven't talked in like 2 months so does that mean its not a rebound anymore? If anyone knows what's up please let me know and if you have experienced this please share your story with!


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  • I mean it was a week. that's quick. so the likelihood it's rebound is very high.

    if you know any of her friends, you can get some info perhaps that's what I usualy do if I'm still interested in an ex but that's like seldom for me if ever.

    If you don't know any of her friends, perhaps a subtle text should suffice? a general text to initiate curiousity and conversation and hopefully she follows up or you can suggest coffee to see how it's going and confirm what you just found out. and talk to her.

    if you two are meant to be, she'll break up with the other guy and be with you

    • Thank you has somethin like this happend to u???

    • Me? not really. I mean at least it's just a few monthes. I would get in touch with her if you're interested still. for me, it didn't work out.

      my ex boyfriend dated way too many girls and I wished he didn't during our 'break'; I liked him still, part of me, but that's a totally different situation than yours. but I relate to the 'i liked one of my ex boyfriends' after. dating s/o else

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  • I have a similar story actually. I was with my previous girlfriend for nearly 2 years before she tells me that her feelings have changed and that she was breaking up with me. So we broke up exactly one month before our 2 year anniversary, and also one month before her 18th birthday. She called me on a monday evening to give me the news, and I had actually seen her that same morning. I drop her off to the train every monday on her way to work, and she kissed me like she always did, tells me she loves me and leaves for work - so that same night she calls me and tells me that we're breaking up. And what was the last thing she told me on on the phone before she hangs up? "I do still love you and care for you!" - that was the last time we have spoken, and it's been 3 months next week. In the following days she went into my email account and deleted every single email from my inbox, and I assume she wanted to just delete all of hers, but deleted hundreds others in the process. She leaves a message saying "Sorry, I had to". She removes me from her friend lists on bebo, myspace, and what-not - but on bebo she still had my younger brother in her friend list so I've been able to sort of see how she's doing. For some reason she has resorted to calling me an asshole in one of those Survey-things that girls seem to like to put up on their profiles, but she hasn't been seeing anyone else.

    She was 16 when we first started going out, I'm 3 years older than her, and I was her first real boyfriend, as well as the first guy she slept with. I still love her, and would love a second chance to set things right, but at the same time I want her to be happy - and from what I gather, she is happy to be single and be out and about with her girlfriends. She recently worked out that my brother was in her friend list and she removed him also, so now I have no way of seeing how she is doing - maybe this is what I need to help me finally get over her, but I'm not sure I want to. I love her, and any other girl that I might find an interest in at the moment feels to me like a rebound-girl, and I just don't want to get into that.

    I know that my ex started having an interest in "this guy on the train" that she sees every day, but she's never spoken to him. Maybe he is a rebound of sorts for her, and maybe this is exactly what your ex did. She found some other good looking guy and it just worked out for them. If they've been together for this long, chances are that she does like him and you have to decide whether to try to win her back (which can be damn difficult), or you can leave her with her new partner and be happy for her. And when you've moved on, try to establish a friendship with her - who knows, in a few years this might again lead to something more.

    Best of luck to you my friend

    • Thank you so much man I hope the best for you I believe we can get a second chance maybe are girls just have to see what's out there first

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