Should I send another text?

I just want to make sure I don't look desperate, but this is the situation.

I sent a reply, she replied back with sarcasm, I replied saying "Ha, anyway I'm off, early start" to end the conversation.

Three days later I send a playful text that's a couple of sentences. I get no reply (which I found odd as she showed all the signs of interest last week).

Anyway, seeing as I sent a "goodnight" text and then another text three days later to re-initiate, with no reply yet, would it be desperate to send another two days after? I was thinking something to spark her curiosity such as "You were in my dream last night.."

I'm not sure if that would count as two texts in a row to her or three (if the goodnight text counts). Just making sure I don't look desperate!


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  • I wouldn't say something like that, and its weird that she didn't reply. you should wait it out till she talks to you again.

    • I was thinking that. I should be matching her level of current interest. Would liking her photo on Facebook after a few days be harmful or should I keep distant myself until she responds?

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    • Yeah, people are saying that's where the attraction works better. Girls want what they can't/don't have. Part of me doesn't want her thinking I'm not interested, although my recent text doesn't suggest that. I'll see it as a good thing, if she forgets me then I was never that big of a priority for her.

    • Exactly. That way you'll kbiw how important you are to her

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  • NOOOOOOOO do not text...ESPECIALLY NOT "you were in my dream last night". She's not replied to two's over, johnny.

    • True, there was really no reply required for my goodnight one. Are you suggesting "you were in my dream last night.." is a bad text IF there's no reply? I take it I could use it if she responds?

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    • You know her personality better than I do. I personally prefer the direct approach.

    • Yeah she is very playful. Although, I'm hearing that I should keep distant until she contacts me. I'll do that then go with my approach. Thanks for the advice!

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