Why do people consider so many things sexist?

Do not curse me out. Don't call me sexist, because of my views

So when it comes to relationships I'm old fashioned. I think girls should clean or cook and men should work. I think it's really weird if a man cleans the house and when a girl takes out the garbage. If it happens sometimes, who cares but certain things should be left to particular beliefs. I see girls making their husbands clean and to me it's so dommering. Like if you want someone to clean then date a girl. Also when girls constantly swear then the guy should just date a man if he's attracted to that or dating it.

I see so many females acting like a man. It's disgusting to me. Why are you ordering a man to do something? Why do you want more power than a man and like to wear the pants? My mom and her sister are like this. Her parents are still together. I think. Man should be the more dominate one in a relationship. People assume that means abusive, and in no ways does it. A woman should be feminie and a man should be Muscline. To me it comes naturally. My aunt would always make her husband clean her house and she never would. I know other women like this, also they make their husbands do everything. It actually makes me angry that they want to be the more powerful one. I really don't understand it. If you want to get pampered then go buy shoes or go to the spa. Also a woman can never make the first move.

People always look at me crazy when I tell them my views. Why is this sexist


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  • Your thoughts on roles in a relationship really forces both male and female partners into boxes, that might not fit their relationship and/or circumstances. A lot of guys resent being thought of a walking wallet, for example, so welcome a wife who can help contribute financially so he's not a slave to his job all the time. He may help around the house so his partner has free time to enjoy activities together and energy for sex. I personally have a really macho boyfriend with a male-dominated career who rides motorcycles, body builds, loves football, etc. But he also likes to cook and like spending time with kids. I don't see him as less of a man because he makes us pancakes and can do his own laundry.

    Ordering people around isn't a dynamic that works in a lot of relationships without resentment, no matter which partner is doing it, though. The same goes for not providing companionship, emotional support, domestic help, sexual intimacy, etc. Relationships require give and take on both sides.


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  • Who cares what a bunch of feminists think? If they don't like it, tough.

  • Everything that goes against feminism is considered sexist, even if it feels like the most natural thing to do.


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  • Yes, but people have different personalities and not everyone can just accept that model as way of life. We're people, not robots, we can't follow certain model even if we want to. No judgement on your personal views, I don't actually consider it sexist, though, many do, but I don't see it logical solution to everyone as we are all so different, with different desires, dreams, character, lifestyle, habbits etc ect. How can you deny one women a dream (assuming it's a job)? How can you deny a dude to clean his stuff if he wishes to (many dudes get annoyed when their gf/wife cleans their areas as they misplace everything)? Agree on the bossing around thing, it's weird, I don't mean that instead the male should command the woman, it's both wrong. In order in any relationship to be successful and comfortable for both parties, they gotta be able to be themselves, compromise some stuff from time to time (not often) but nothing general and enjoy it whatever it is. The word is partnership - anything else isn't a good match. One would always dominate the other but it's OK as long as it slightly and not as drastic.

    Of course, I don't try to change your mind I just said my opinion. Can't really answer you the title question to why people consider many things sexist. People are people - they could consider everything sexist if it's part of their opinion. I personally don't see that as sexist but as old fashioned marriage, nothing wrong with it as long as it's what one is looking for.


  • You categorize people based on what sex they are. not their abilities personalities ethics views experiences etc. You have a pretedetermined sex oriented view of the world -regardless of reality.

    You said it yourself. I don't see what you're upset about if people say you are sexist when you clearly said it yoursef.

    You are comfortable with your views. and uncomfortable when they are not accepted by others---does not mean they are not sexist.

    females should do this. males should do this.. these are your personal opinions, yet you expect the world to cater to your views.

    what a woman are a man is, is up to that person, not you. you maybe the person you wish to be. but you find others disgusting when they don't adhere to your personal beliefs.

    of course they look at you funny. you can not expect people to think it is reasonable to be considered disgusting for being responsible and taking care of things regardless of their sex.thats just getting on with life.

    slavery is 'oldfashioned' do you approve of that as wel?

    legalized rape within marriage?

    witch hunts?


    electric chair?

    corporal punishment in schools?

    women having no rights over their bodies, or their children?

    drawing and quartering?

    poverty by divine right?

    blood letting?

    not having a cure for diseases. also old fashioned. dying of the flu. cancer. aids. malaria. chicken pox. tb . ms. ts...

    I do not think you are you really old fashioned-when its selective.

    Making a fist move is anyones right, if you want to be passive, you're free to do so. but to be forced to do.. well not so nice things tend to happen to people who do not stand up for themselves. don't expect others to think its brilliant to have someone else to act on their behalf.

    • oh and forget computers because that is not at all old fashioned.

      not that it'd matter because you would not be allowed access to knowledge anyways.

      it was believed women should not use their brain too much as it wold put undo stress on their ovaries and they would not conceive. women who found ways to self education were often burnt as witches.

      you would not even be asking a mass of people bc

      1.your husband/ father/ brother who would own you would forbid it.

      2. take years through the postal.

  • It's no skin off my ass how you want to live your life or how you want your relationships to be. You want to be little Suzie Housewife? Knock yourself out. Also, I don't care what you do or do not find disgusting, or how you feel about gender roles or who should make the first move, or what makes you angry or happy or whatever. I don't think your views are sexist, really- but your way sure as hell wouldn't work for me. At all. If you want your men "musculine" then go for it. I'm sure you'll have lots of babies and a really shiny, freshly-waxed kitchen floor. Good for you!

  • I think people should just need to stop judging each other and live their own life

  • You are a sexist I think you should be put through what those women had to go through before we got out rights I would actually laugh at your expense WE HAVE A LIFE YOU KNOW PEOPLE CAN COOK AND CLEAN FOR THEMSELVES YOU MORON

  • See, that's the difference. I don't care how you want things in your relationship, and I wouldn't degrade or judge you for the way it is, but I ask that you extend me the same courtesy and not try to tell me how things should be done in mine.

    I don't think you're crazy for wanting to cook and clean and have your man work, but I think it's wrong to tell the rest of the men and women in the world they need to do the same just because that's what *you* think they should do.

    Do you see how that's imposing your views on everyone else? That's why they're looking at you like you're crazy and calling you sexist. Not because you're old-fashioned, but because you want everyone else to be, too.